Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's Been a Rough Week So Far...A Tues Update From AD

Tues 7:24pm -- It's been a rough start to the week for the king and therefore for his subjects. 

Yesterday was his first day back to school after spring break and he did a lot of hitting of others (adults, not kids). 

Today he hit the trifecta. The note in his communication notebook said he hit even more today, plus he had two mini seizures, and to top it off he also had a pee-pee accident. 

Needless to say wifey excused herself shortly after I got home from work...and went upstairs to watch "Parks & Recreation" Season 3 in bed on Netflix so she doesn't hear all the breath holding & general craziness going on down here. 

Melatonin has already been administered and I'm just waiting for it to kick in. 

Looking back Kyle was going thru a stretch almost exactly like this a month or so back...before he got sick. 

And getting sick (flu/infection?) mellowed him out big time. And I think having antibiotics in his system for 10 days mellowed him out AND helped him have less seizures. 

Yes I googled it. And of course it's possible...in some people. (And in others it could have the opposite effect and bring on more seizures)

Anyway, thinking back, for almost 5 weeks we had delightful, happy, related, calm Kyle. 

But now he is totally "healthy" and unfortunately totally back to his pre-sickness norm from late Feb / early March ...of aggression, crazy breath holding, and too many little seizures. 

I said to wifey that there's noting better than Kyle with a

mild, low grade fever.  


But we can't pull that off...so if this lasts much longer we'll be back visiting all his docs seeing what's the next course of action. 

Go up on his VNS device?

Go down or up on one of his seizure meds?

Or try something else?

Anyways that's my Tuesday night update. 

Hopefully this is just a blip on the radar and only lasts a couple of days and I'll have a more positive / happier Thursday update for y'all...but I'm not betting on it...I'm  a realist and I think the other shoe has officially dropped...

It's now 7:42pm and Kyle has the blanket over his head while he watches his bedtime videos. 

The melatonin gods seem to be working their magic tonight. 

Goodnight all!  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The History Of Autism

I found this amazing infographic on the website http://www.masters-in-special-education.com/

The original page where I found this infographic is http://www.masters-in-special-education.com/history-of-autism/  Go check it out because there's tons of other info down at the bottom of that page...

Also on the bottom of the page it says "Share this infographic on your site" so that is what I

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Progress = Kyle Off From School, Wife & I Not Freaking Out!

Sometimes you don't see the progress in your kid until you look at yourself and how you're reacting to certain situations...


The king is off from school this week.  And the wife and I are not freaking out!

That's huge progress for us!

It's not fun to admit it but the wife and I used to DREAD weeks off from school. 

Kyle used to be a lot harder to handle. Spending the day with him was not easy. He was constantly in motion and really wasn't as related as he is today. 

This was way back before he was on meds and before wifey and I were on meds. 

Our life was a lot more frantic. One of the

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kyle's Voice Sounds Like a 90s Grunge Singer...Take a Listen... :)

Lately Kyle's had a real deep voice. And he's been very vocal. 

And the wife and I think he sounds like a 90s grunge singer.

Well he's non verbal so he kinda sounds a bit like Frankenstein...  but Frankenstein doing an impression of a 90s grunge singer...

I recorded this at about 9pm on a Sunday night right before the king fell asleep....but he was making sounds like this all weekend....

See who you think he sounds like...

Just some Sunday night silliness...



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Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Thur Check In From AD... The king & I are sick... :(

Thur 6:18pm -- Long time no check in!  How are y'all doing?

We're still sick over here on Autism Avenue... 

Well Kyle and I are both sick. 

Wifey has been holding out somehow. 

Yes, that's right Kyle has been sick and out of school since last Monday. 

He hasn't been too miserable this week...no fever...but he's got low energy and he's been napping for long stretches throughout the day.  I kinda think he's just got info a routine where he naps all day. I said to the wife "send him in for a half day! let him nap there!" 

But he's still got a nasty cough too...

So when all is said and done he'll probably miss 2 weeks of school and spring break is the week after next!

But when he's awake he's in great spirits and is extra cuddly and is doing great things on his iPad and is holding his breath less (wtf?)...plus no seizures... which all combined to make this illness (probably the flu) a lot easier to

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