Monday, October 20, 2014

What Mon at 11pm Looks Like When Kyle Wakes Up

For the past week melatonin hasn't been working it's magic around here. Kyle's been getting up at around 11 PM each night. 

Some nights we will stay in his room and he'll fall back to sleep in 30 minutes or so...

But tonight feels like one of those nights I think we're going to be up a LONG time

I'm taking the first shift and I'll put wifey on duty at about 1 o'clock. 

And in this video you can really get a sense of what these nights are like. 

He seems pretty happy and related...but you can see and hear the breath holding that I'm always talking about.

And I hope you can appreciate how excruciating this is to hear and see every day

Goodnight all…  Pray to the sleep gods on my behalf


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Why I Sometimes Prefer To Be Out All Day w/ My Autistic Son

It's 4:01pm on Sunday. Wifey has plans this evening. She just left. She probably won't be home til after 9. 

So the king & I are home alone. He's holding his breath like crazy which sounds like fingernails on a blackboard to me. 

And I'm staring at 5 hours til he goes to sleep with nothing on the agenda. 

And that scares the sh-t out of me.  

He's fine being at home it seems.  He might even prefer it. But there will inevitably be a few rough moments. 

So, I'm almost tempted to take the king to the supermarket right now. We don't need anything (except bacon)  :)

But I just need to shake up the day a little & break things up a bit. 

Lately I am so much better when we have plans all day long...even on the extremely rough days with his majesty.  

I thought of this a few weeks back when we drove out to the NJ shore on a Sunday afternoon. 

It took us an hour and a half to get there and over 2 hours to get home and all told we were probably on the beach for less than 4 hours. 

On paper that makes no sense. And years back I would resist these things cuz I was scared of a Kyle meltdown. 

But recently I've learned that 12 rough hours at home is worse than 12 rough hours out of the house.  At least for me. 

I know what you're thinking.  It's all about you again... And... Maybe he wouldn't be as rough at home vs on the beach. 

Maybe you're right. But wifey and I like the beach. And we don't ever want to become prisoners in our own home because the king would rather stay home. 

I've written before how we make it a point to bring Kyle everywhere sometimes whether he likes it or not. 

And we are gonna continue to do that for as long as he and/ or society will allow. 

But getting back to that beach outing...

Kyle usually likes the beach a lot. 

And even on his roughest/ worst days Kyle will always have a few shining / happy moments. 

So on a rough day going to the beach breaks things up a bit. I think in my brain (yes it's all about me) :) a rough car ride there, some rough moments on the beach, and a rough car ride back breaks the day into more manageable rough chunks rather than 12 rough hours straight at home. 

And during those easy going moments I need to pick my head up and realize I'm on the beach and staring at the glorious Atlantic Ocean. 

Any way I'm babbling. I hope this make sense and that some of you can relate. 

Anyway, time to break up this day. I gotta get his shoes on. The supermarket awaits. I'm waiting for wifey to text me a list. 

Oh wait, what's this?  He just brought me to the bathtub and indicated that he wants a bath...

"Good communicating buddy!"

Ok, first bath, then supermarket. 



Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Official Position on Special Diets & Marijuana for Autism & Epilepsy

People are always asking me on my Autism Daddy Facebook page & blog...

Why don't you  try the GFCF diet for Kyle's autism? 

Have you  considered the Ketogenic diet for Kyle's epilepsy?

And for a few years this story was making the rounds on social media

 and after seeing this people were always asking whether I would consider marijuana to treat Kyle's autism.

And more recently people are always sending me links to the Charlotte's Web story like this one from

Monday, October 13, 2014

Broccoli for Autism? Things That Make You Go Hmmmm...

This story came out today…

Broccoli compound shows promise for treating autism

Normally I'd dismiss something like this as another crazy wacky autism study

...but what has me intrigued is this part of the article...

"…researchers chose to test sulforaphane as an autism therapy.
Why study a broccoli sprout extract? According to Singh, one reason is related to a phenomenon known as the

Sunday, October 12, 2014

What Me Blow Drying Kyle's Hair Sounds Like :)

This was me trying to blow dry the king's hair after a bath/shower at 6:30ish on a Sunday night. He was in a happily rambunctious mood as you can hear.


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